One of our main goals is to push government bodies to do more in their support for mental health disorders in youth and for people who are struggling with a mental health disorder in general. 

See what you can do in addition to attending our events to push for change now!

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Mental Health Petitions

As we continue with the COVID-19 Pandemic, many people may still be feeling the stress of isolation, financial stress, anxiety, or many other factors. Access to care is becoming more limited and peoples ability to be able to pay for such services has become even more restricted.

Take action now to sign one or more of these petitions that each have a cause to improve mental health care access in Canada and Ontario for youth and all others.  

Social Media Campaigns

See our social media slides page and start a social media campaign to help raise awareness around youth mental health disorders and work to end the stigma. 

All images on our site are able to be saved and shared on other social medias by all people.

Attend Events

Attend our March for Youth Mental Health or our Youth Mental Health Banquet yearly to help make the biggest impact and to continue to fight for change and access to resources for the ones who need it the most. 

help push for change for the ones who need it the most now