Every year in the city of Hamilton, our biggest event will take place. A march across the city of Hamilton that is designed not only to raise awareness and break the stigma about youth mental health but is also designed to get people to do more about it and help the ones who are struggling. For more information on this years march, see below! Note that this page will continue to be updated as the event gets closer.

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7 MAY 2022

The main goal of the March for Youth Mental Health will be to raise awareness about youth mental health disorders when gathering people together to work together to end the stigma around mental health disorders in youth. The March for Youth Mental Health will also work to push government bodies to do more in their support for providing resources for the youth who need it and create policies that will help youth and their mental health for years to come.

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Sign Up Now

Sign up to attend now! Click on the image to sign up now to get loud about what really matters most - the mental health of the generation of tomorrow! 

Day Outline

Note this is subject to change. Check back closer to for more information.

Location: Hamilton City Hall (71 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y5)

10:30am – Attendants arrive

  • Low-, mid-, and high-profile attendants may start to arrive

  • Members of the public may start arriving

  • As members of the public arrive, they will be able to pick up their hats if they ordered any and make a donation towards youth mental health if they wished to do so. Pledge forms will also start to be collected now until the end of the event


11:00am – Rally starts

  • Rally will start with music, speakers, and address by the YMHM about why we have gathered today to raise awareness and get loud


12:00pm – March around downtown starts

  • The main event of the day will start with the march around downtown Hamilton taking place 


1:00pm – March around downtown ends

  • The main event of the day will end as the march comes to a close back at City Hall


1:01pm – Ending rally

  • This time after the march is designed to generate time for talking about mental health with others in the community and generating change and raising more awareness

  • People are welcome to stay as long as they wish after the march


2:30pm – Event ends

  • The March for Youth Mental Health will officially come to an end for 2022

Volunteer Now

We are in need of volunteers for the day of the event. If you would like to volunteer for this event or want more information on this, click on the image and sign up now!

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March Route

Note this is subject to change. Check back closer to date for more information.

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  • Exit City Hall turning right onto Main St. W

  • Turn right on James St. S

  • Turn right on Duke St.

  • Turn right on Queen St.

  • Turn right on Main St. W

  • Turn right entering back to City Hall

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Media and Press Info

For information for media and press as well as anyone who may be interested in covering the event, click on the image.

Donate for Mental Health

Although not required to attend, it is suggested that a donation be made through a pledge form to help youth mental health awareness and provide resources to the youth that need them the most. All money collected will be used for the event to raise awareness around youth mental health with ALL remaining funds being donated back into the community to help provide mental health resources for youth.

See our fundraisers page now to see our fundraisers or click below to start your pledge form for donations now!

Youth Mental Health Hats

To order your hat, click here or click on the image. All funds raised from hats sold will be used to raise awareness around youth mental health and provide services for youth and their mental health.


Thank you to our Sponsors, Promoters, and Backers!

Want to sponsor the event? Click here to learn more!

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