As we continue with the COVID-19 Pandemic, many people may still be feeling the stress of isolation, financial stress, anxiety, or many other factors. Access to care is becoming more limited and peoples ability to be able to pay for such services has become even more restricted. View information about each of these petitions below that each have a cause to add mental healthcare to the Universal Healthcare Act and to add mental healthcare coverage to OHIP in Ontario.

To learn about each petition, and to sign it, see below now!


Universal Mental Health Care in Canada Petition

This petition is asking the federal government, the House of Commons, and all federal party leaders to create legislation to incorporate mental health services in the Canada Health Act. This will cause provinces to incorporate mental health services in their provincial health insurance plans.

Mental Health Coverage by OHIP in Ontario Petition

With many people not being able to afford mental health care that they need due to the high costs and sometimes hidden costs after getting the treatment they need, this petition calls for mental health coverage to be added to OHIP in Ontario.

Everything is #NotOk Mental Health Petition

Started by the leading mental health organizations in Ontario, the everything is #NotOK campaign aims to take aim at the Ontario government and push them to do more in their support for the mental health of all in the province. 

From making wait times shorter, calls for faster care, more transparent care, and consistent care, this petition is how you can help make a difference for many people no matter their age or gender in Ontario.