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The views expressed on this website are the views solely of the YMHM. The information provided is not a substitute for professional advice nor is this a crisis center. If you are in crisis, please see our home page for crisis phone numbers (these are not sponsors) or call 9-1-1 or see your local doctor. The YMHM does not interfere with the operations of any of our sponsors. The YMHM can not guarantee that all facts and numbers presented on this website are the most up to date. For the most up to date information, see national data bases. For more information or clarification, contact us.


The Youth Mental Health March (YMHM) is an unincorporated association operating in Ontario with its head office located in Hamilton. The YMHM gives all money raised to registered organizations that help and promote youth mental health as well as help provide resources for youth. 

Any mail to the YMHM may be sent to:

Youth Mental Health March

43 Third Rd. E.

Stoney Creek, ON l8J 3J5


All concerns, issues, comments, and/or questions shall be directed to the YMHM or may be brought to the YMHM President where matters brought forward will be addressed in a timely and professional manner by the YMHM.  Should you have a complaint about the YMHM or something that we have done or are doing, please see the bottom of this page to file a complaint. 

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All YMHM policies are listed below.

The YMHM strongly encourages everyone who may be using our website, social media account(s) and/or purchasing anything from the YMHM and/or using any material from the YMHM to review all policies.

The YMHM strongly encourages everyone to review these policies on a regular basis to not only have the most up to date information about our policies but also to allow you to have the best experience possible with us. 

If there are any questions, comments or concerns about any policy or any part therein, please contact us.



The YMHM is committed to ensuring that all of our policies are followed and that the ethics and behaviors of all our members are at the highest standard. We highly encourage anyone who may have a complaint about the YMHM, or any YMHM associated activity/event, or feels as if they have been treated wrongly by the YMHM or by a member of the YMHM, to file a violations and complaint form with us. We also encourage anyone who sees any of our policies being violated to also file a violations and complaint form.

We will take the next steps to ensure that your complaint is fixed and that we can adhere to our standards and policies.

Please complete the form below and email it or send it to the YMHM and we will take the next steps to ensure a proper review.