Welcome to the March for Youth (MFY) event media information page. 

This page is designed for all members of the media and press who would like information about attending and covering the March for Youth Mental Health event on 7 May 2022. For more information about event specifics, please click here to see our even page on our website.

For information about covering the event and more media information, please see more on this page by looking below.

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7 MAY 2022

The main goal of the March for Youth Mental Health will be to raise awareness about youth mental health disorders when gathering people together to work together to end the stigma around mental health disorders in youth. The March for Youth Mental Health will also work to push government bodies to do more in their support for providing resources for the youth who need it and create policies that will help youth and their mental health for years to come.

Who is a Member of the Media

A member of the media is defined by the YMHM as any member of society who meets or is one of the following:

I. Radio reporters

II. Television reporters

III. Freelance journalists

IV. Journalists

V. Camera crews

VI. Photographers

VII. Newspaper writers and editors

VIII. Pundits 

Important Dates

The following dates are important and it is important that they are met if things must be done before them as to ensure your spot at the event as a member of the media to cover it.

23 April 2022 - Last day alert the YMHM about you attending the event

- This is highly encouraged for all media to alert the YMHM President if you are attending the event as to ensure enough room for all members of the media at the event. An email may be sent to the President if you would like to send notification of your attendance at this event.

7 May 2022 - Hamilton's March for Youth Mental Health 

- All media should be present no later than 10:00am

- Media sections will be made for members of the media to stand both during the rally and the march

7 May 2022 - Media availability after the event

As more information is released about the event, media advisories will be sent out. If you would like to see if you are on our media advisory email list or if you would like to be added to our list, please contact our President. To view all media advisories on our website, click here.

Media Pass

All members and each member of the media are required to have their media ID that they have been issued by their news station or agency. If a member of the media does not have a media ID that they can wear on the day of the event, they may contact us by clicking here and the YMHM will issue a media ID. 

Your media ID should be worn all day as to ensure that you are able to be identified as a member of the media to everyone at the event.


If you have questions, please contact our President through an email directed to jbell.ymhm@gmail.com.

know that more information will be provided on this page as the event date gets closer.