Welcome to the Governing Committee for the YMHM. All final decisions regarding all events and daily operations of the YMHM are made here by this committee.

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Born in Hamilton, Ontario in 2003, I now want to work to improve the lives of others not only in my own community but also around the country. After personal experiences with both suicide and poor mental health throughout past years, I started this community association in May of 2020 that operates like a non-profit and now I have dedicated my time to improving society and peoples lives when working to breakdown the stigma around youth mental health disorders when pushing government bodies to do more in their support through providing resources for those who need it the most. I am attending McMaster for Political Science starting Fall 2021.




Hey everyone! My name is Olivia and I was born in Toronto, Ontario in 2005. I want to use my life to make a difference in how people approach and feel about mental health and mental illness as my life has almost ended because of a mental illness. I joined the YMHM in May 2021, when I heard about the work that was being done to help raise awanress and create change towards mental health. My own struggles with suicidal thoughts and mental illness, as well as going through the mental health system, opened up my eyes to just how under-funded and under-developed the mental health supports in the province of Ontario are. I want to change that by eliminating the stigma, around mental health and educating people about the support that’s out there. I’m very thankful that this association can help me do that and am looking forward to the work that we have to do!