Across the modern world, the mental health of youth is at a tipping point and is in a crisis. As countries and cities continue to improve all other aspects of life for people why is it that the youth, the generation of tomorrow, is not being taken care of as much? Without looking after the youth and their mental health today, think of the implications that it will have on us tomorrow. Even though there are resources for the youth across the city to access, both in most schools and out, there is a lack of education about mental health and a lot of stigma. Stigma that we work to break down.


We also hope to raise more awareness about youth mental health and bring light to the things that could be changed to better the mental health of youth not only here but in other cities as well. With these changes and with raised awareness and less stigma about mental disorders, we hope to have left an impact not only on youth so that they can come forward but on everyone about the problems that we are facing.

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Message from the President

The YMHM is a community association that I founded in May of 2020 after personal experiences with struggling mental health and suicide. After seeing that there was not much easy access to resources to help youth and seeing other struggle as well as little awareness for the mental health of youth, I decided that I was going to do something about it.


After not seeing a lot of action being taken to help youth and seeing the statistics in the youth population in our country, something had to be done about it to make sure that these numbers change. Numbers such as about 4000 deaths by suicide happen in Canada each year. Furthermore, of these about 90% had a mental disorder at time of death that could have been treated and the person helped. Of everyone who has/had depression or anxiety, 49% of these people will never see a doctor about it. As we look more into the youth population of this country, the numbers do not seem to get better at all. With youth suicide rates accounting for 24% of all deaths aged 15 to 24, Canada’s youth suicide rates are the third highest in the industrialized world. Of all of the youth in Canada, 1 in 5 will have experienced a personal mental health crisis or mental illness in their life time and only 1 in 5 of these people will get the help that they need. Across this country every day, 3.2 million youth are at risk for developing depression and other serious mental health illness and not enough is being done to stop it or help prevent it.


Without looking after the youth and their mental health today, think of the implications that it will have on us tomorrow. All of these number will only rise if nothing is done today about it. It is because of this that we fight today and everyday to end the stigma and raise awareness about youth mental health and all mental health disorders in youth.  Together we are going to get loud about what really matters most!

                                                                                                                                                                         Joshua Bell, YMHM President

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2021 Information Package

See our general information package by clicking below now and learn all about who we are and what we do and more!

Our Logo and its Meaning

Our current logo was designed and edited by a local youth artist named Teresa V. from Hamilton, Ontario after being asked by the YMHM to create a logo that captured youth mental health.

Our logo is packed with different meanings and symbolism. The colours of the image, yellow, green and blue, all represent some kind of mental health awareness and mental health awareness in general. With yellow and the little amount of orange that is present on the logo, it represents suicide prevention. The blue is to show support for people that have a mental illness and the greens represent mental health and well being for all people. There is a red phone on the bottom left that helps to show that you are never alone and that there is always someone that will listen if you need help. The two heads represent people. In the person that is blue we are able to see their brain and the other head has people coming out of the top. These people represent a new beginning and overcoming challenges. They are the people of tomorrow. Above them we see speech bubbles from a few of them indicating that they are having a conversation. This is what we need to do around the world and here at home to help normalize mental health disorders and to break down the stigma around them. The people are in different colours that display suicide prevention and general mental illness showing that we all possibly have been through something. There is a ladder that is leaned up against the yellow head on the right side. This ladder represents the rise from a challenge that one may feel mentally with it starting at the bottom leading up to where the people are talking about how they feel. With talking to others and with dedication, you are able to make a difference in your life for the better and move past where you have been. There is also some green grass growing from the ground around some of the other images on the logo, this indicated growth and change.


Our Goals

The YMHM also has a set of goals to help us achieve our mission. Although some may be difficult, the YMHM is strongly committed to ensuring that the mental health of youth is top priority across not only the city, but the country.

To raise awareness and break the stigma around poor mental health and mental illness in youth

The YMHM is committed to breaking down the stigma around poor mental health and mental health disorders in youth and will continue to work tirelessly to make sure that barriers are broken down every single day.



To raise funds to be donated to mental health associations

The YMHM, through our events and fundraisers, will work to actively donate and raise money to be given to various mental health institutions that operate in Hamilton but also that operate nationally and work to improve the mental health of youth.

To advocate for better access to mental health resources for all

Through our events and raising our voices, we aim to push government bodies to do more in their support for mental health resources for youth, and to help provide better access to these resources not only for the people that can afford it and/or that can get to it easily, but for everyone.



To help people envision a world where mental health of everyone is taken as a top priority

The YMHM has a final and very ambitious goal of a Canada where the mental health of not only youth but of everyone is taken as top priority and all efforts are taken to ensure this.