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The Mental Health Crisis

From long wait times for care for youth who are already in crisis to not enough resources being provided for youth not only in our beloved city of Hamilton but across the country, the mental health crisis that is facing your youth is growing more and more serious by the hour.

Feelings of isolation, anxiety, and loneliness are all on the rise and if nothing is done now, it will be too late. 

About 3 million youth across the country are at high risk for developing depression. Suicide rates for youth in Canada are the third highest in the industrialized world with it being the second leading cause of death for people aged 15 to 34. 

If something is not done now, think about what could happen. Action is needed now to help put an end to this mental health crisis across the country.

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We are looking for new people to join our team that are full of passion for mental health advocacy and wanting to create the changes we need from our governments to better the mental health of youth! Join our Governing Committee now by clicking below.

Take Action

No action is too small to help make a change and advocate for better resources and access to care for youth and people with a mental health disorder. 

Attend our events, sign petitions, share social media images, but most importantly get loud about what really matters most - the generation of tomorrow!

If something is not done now, and the mental health of youth is not talked about and taken seriously, think of how much worse it will be in a few more years. We need to advocate and raise awareness about the things that are causing poor mental health and provide better assistance and resources for the ones who need it. By doing all of this we are able to let youth know that there are people that will listen to what they have to say and what they want to talk about. The youth need to feel like there is another way out other than suicide or self harm. Today, we start taking a stand vowing to raise awareness about youth mental health and the generation of tomorrow.

Mental Health Surveys

Help us get a better understanding on the challenges facing youth and their mental health today by completing a survey now!

Youth surveys are available now.

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For access to resources, click one of the boxes below.

Crisis Lines

This is not a crisis center. If you are in crisis, please see the numbers below or see a trusted professional. 

Kids Help Phone   1-800-668-6868
Ontario Crisis Line   1-866-531-2600
Canadian Suicide Prevention Line   1-833-456-4566
Trans Life Line   1-877-330-6366
First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line   1-855-242-3310

For more crisis lines or help, click here.

March for Youth Premier Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors and to our premier sponsors seen below for our March for Youth Mental Health event. To see all sponsors, click here.